OptinMonster Vs Bloom: Which Optin Plugin Would You Choose?

Every blogger knows how important it is to build a solid optin list for their website. Not only can a highly targeted list provide a source of invaluable traffic. It can also help drive sales on your products and services.

Building a good email list however, requires some experimenting to find the best tools. On WordPress for example, there’s hundreds of plugin options for collecting the email addresses of your visitors. But how do you know which is the best one to choose? Read more OptinMonster Vs Bloom: Which Optin Plugin Would You Choose?

Best SEO Plugins for WordPress in 2015

WordPress is a great CMS and it’s reasonably well geared up for SEO tasks. However to really get to grips with SEO on WordPress you’re going to need a plugin to help deal with your title tags, meta descriptions, canonical urls, robots directives and more.

There are a lot of great plugins for SEO on WordPress. It doesn’t just necessarily come down to Yoast Vs All in One either! Whilst these are great plugins, they don’t always cover everything you need.

So this post will take a look at Yoast, All in One and other general SEO plugins in addition to other more niche plugins that you may want to use. Read more Best SEO Plugins for WordPress in 2015

Selz – A Simple and Effective WordPress eCommerce Plugin

Ecommerce and online shopping is growing at a rapid rate. In US alone, eCommerce is worth over $304 billion  Alibaba.com, the Chinese B2B eCommerce giants, made more than $9 billion in sales on the Singles Day recently (11 Nov), while the annual Black Friday online sales are now estimated at almost $1.3 billion. Consumers are increasingly turning towards online stores for shopping, as a result of which ecommerce startups are now popping up all over the globe.

These are exciting times for online entrepreneurs, especially the ones who already have blogs, loyal readers and email subscribers. If you’re one of them, you can easily convert these subscribers into paying customers by selling directly to them. Read more Selz – A Simple and Effective WordPress eCommerce Plugin

How to Give Your Content A Facelift with Thrive Content Builder

How do you create great looking content without endless cycles of previewing, editing, updating, and refreshing?

I’ll get to the answer shortly.

But some more about this problem first.

WordPress is primarily a blogging platform. Originally it was designed to create simple blogs, nothing fancy and so back then the visual editor served its purpose. These days however, the default WordPress editor doesn’t feel enough. Particularly if you want to express yourself in more than just plain text.

Get Thrive Builder Plugin

The default WordPress editor is no treat. And this is no secret.

add new page

Editing A Page Or Post With Divi

Since Divi has a built in drag and drop page builder, you would think it would be easier to use. In my opinion it still doesn’t live up to the mark.

Divi page builder

As you can see from above, you only see the elements you’re trying to edit and not the content within those modules. To do so I’d need to click on each element. On clicking, a popup window appears where I can then edit my main content.

Even with the wide range of customization options available, I’s still have to preview it to know how it’ll look from the front-end.

Here’s where Thrive Content Builder steps in

Thrive Content Builder is a powerful front-end editor. It’s designed to “bring back the joy” in the content creation process, making it easier for you to create the kind of content you need, while being able to edit, preview and make changes in real-time.

It combines three intuitive functions, which work together to create an excellent product:

  1. A real and powerful WYSIWYG editor
  2. Landing page builder
  3. List builder

From one powerful plugin, you get all three of the above. This saves having to upload and install multiple plugins for different functions, as well as reducing the pressure on your website.

Using Thrive Content Builder

You can download the content builder it from your Thrive Themes’ Members area and install it like any other regular plugin. Simply navigate to Plugins, Add New and upload the Thrive Content Builder zip file and activate.

ThriveThemes page content page builder

Once you’ve activated, you should see this button that lets you edit content using Thrive Content Builder.

Add New post

Pages can also be added in a similar way.

Thrive content builder

Once you choose to edit your new page using Thrive Content Builder, you’ll be working on the actual copy of your page. What you are creating here is how it’s going to show up on the front-end. There’s no real need to preview as you are working right on the final copy.

You’ll find a panel of options on the right hand side of your page. This panel contains all the options you can use to create and layout your content.

To add an element, you need to click on the element you require or you can use the drag and drop functionality.

thrive content elements

I’m mentioning and writing about most of these individual elements as these will help you decide if you really need this plugin.

The full list of elements include:


text element thrive content

This is the most basic element of a page. With Thrive Content Builder, it’s like applying CSS to each sentence but without any real coding. As you can see, there are several options like choosing the font, its size, color, alignment and so on.

WordPress Content

If you want to add plain text content as you would normally do using the WordPress editor, you can choose this option.


image element thrive content

There’s multiple options when inserting an image element. You can scale it down using the image size option. You can add a title and alt text. You can also add border. There are about 10 different border styles.


button thrive content builder

The button element enables you to fully customize the look of your buttons. There are 5 different types of buttons and you can make the link open in new windows. You can also make these links “no follow” links.

Star Rating

There are plenty of plugins on the market for adding a star rating to review posts. Thrive Content Builder has an element for this. So, the next time that you want to conclude your review, you can just pick this element and add it to your review.

Column Layout

You can add custom column layouts with this option.

column 1

Content Box

There are times when you don’t want to do anything loud yet you want some part of your content to stand out. Thrive Content Builder comes with a slick content box feature which allows you to make a statement. You can use this option without the heading too.

content box thrive builder

Symbol Box

You can add a symbol/number box using this option. You can mention all the points that you want to highlight here using this element.

symbol box

Quote Share

This is superb. I really like how simply this plugin can help boost your Twitter footprint.

quote share


There are 3 different styles of dividers in TBC.


Thrive Content Builder has a sleek testimonial element. You can choose to add images too. This can be very useful while creating landing pages.

Testimonial plugin

Call To Action

Thrive Content Builder does a really nice job here. As I write this, there are 4 styles of CTA elements. I am using the screenshot of the one that I liked best. The remaining 3 options also look just as stylish.

Call to action box

Guarantee Box

This feature again saves a plugin. TCB comes with elegant guarantee boxes. You can fill in your content and then you are all set. I find this guarantee box the most elegant from the list of options –

Guaranttee box

I would definitely like to see more choices.

Styled List

If plain bullets don’t impress you, just pick any from a huge variety that TCB offers.

Pricing Table

Again, this feature saves you a ton of effort. Also, you don’t need a plugin just for creating the pricing tables.

pricing table content builder plugin

Tabbed Content

I really liked this feature. It’s the easiest way to add tabbed content. I am not sure if the number of tabs can be reset. By default, 3 tabs appear when you pick this option.

Tabbed content


The table feature in Thrive Content Builder saves you the need to install a separate table plugin. You can set the number of columns and rows and your table is ready without a single line of code. If you use tables often, then this will save you lots of time.

table box

Featured Grid

If you don’t like to list the features of a product using simple bulleted lists, the feature grid option in TCB will impress you. There are two basic styles with multiple options in each. You can have a simple feature grid or one that supports icons.

featured grid

Google Map Embed

This option doesn’t work straight away. You have to input your map’s code. This feature could be improved or at least some quick instructions can be added about getting the code. If you run a local directory of some sorts, you may not want to manually do this all the time. This option requires some effort on your end.

Countdown Timer

Countdown timer

This feature again saves you the need for a separate plugin. TBC’s countdown timer looks really good and a custom message can be shown when the countdown ends.

Table of Contents

table of contents

Adding a table of contents is a breeze with Thrive Content Builder.

Using Thrive Content Builder as a landing page builder

Thrive Content Builder comes with several ready-to-use landing page templates.

These templates cover sales pages, personal branding pages, confirmation pages and more.

landing page builder

These templates help you quickly setup landing pages. These premade templates follow the best landing page design practices and are optimized for conversions.

Using Thrive Content Builder as a list builder

The volume of your email list is important. But the quality of emails that you are collecting is far more important. Using 2-step optins is a great way to ensure this quality. Thrive Content Builder lets you build your email lists using this 2-step process.

In TCB, you can set your popups to show up when certain events occur. These could be clicking on a button or on a mouseover. If you want to make your optin forms even more catchy, you can pick one of the many animation effects.

You can also use this feature for floating promotional offers.

With the latest addition of the exit intent technology, you will be able to show your popups when a user is about to leave your site.

I don’t know about you but I haven’t created a lightbox popup as easily and quickly as I did using this plugin.

I simply picked the countdown element and gave it the center alignment. Then I added TCB’s CTA element. The popup is then ready within minutes.

list builder


You can’t build a page any quicker than this. It just takes a matter minutes.

Essentially Thrive Content Builder is a powerful front end editor. But it comes clubbed with 2 additional powerful functions.

It comes with a wide range of landing page templates. These help you churn out good looking pages really quick.

Also, Thrive Content Builder offers two-step optin forms for building email lists.

There’s just a one time fee. For $47 , you get a feature-packed plugin with lifetime updates.


You can only use this plugin to create new content. You cannot use Thrive Content Builder on posts that are already written. So, it won’t be possible for you to return to some of your old popular posts and spice them up if they were created before the installation of the plugin.

Landing Pages are good – but there’s no A/B testing.

But I must also share Shane’s excellent post on this – http://thrivethemes.com/split-test-landing-pages/. You can clone your page with TCB and follow this excellent tutorial to A/B test several versions.

Popups are really nice – but there’s definitely some room for improvement. However, the latest exit intent feature is awesome.


If you don’t want to struggle with making small changes to your content, Thrive Content Builder is a must-have tool for your WordPress dashboard.

Get Thrive Builder Plugin

You can avoid installing several plugins to add minor components like tables, testimonials, maps, countdowns and so many more. Thrive Content Builder comes across as a single handy solution for all of these.

I personally may not use this plugin every single day of writing blog posts. But I would definitely keep returning to it whenever I want to create a really great looking post. Thrive Content Builder makes creating landing pages and elegant popovers also very easy.

A single one time $47 payment makes Thrive Content Builder a great bet.

4 Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

Possibly the greatest aspect of WordPress are its plugins which offer a wealth of new features and exciting additions to the base program. These plugins allow us to fully customize and tailor our blogs to meet each and every need. As you may already know, there are over 30,000 to choose from, so knowing which ones are the best is key to avoiding lesser options. Once you’ve learned how to start a blog, these are your next step.

All plugins are not created equal, which is why I’ve created this list of 4 essential WordPress plugins for bloggers. These are proven to work well, and do not burden your blog with poor coding and extraneous lines that slow the site down. These are light plugins that do their jobs quietly and without disturbing the other aspects of your blog. Read more 4 Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

20 High Quality Free Social Media Icon Sets

Today we are here to share an amazing collection of free social media icon sets, that you can use to improve your website design. You will see the best social media icons in different styles – Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Youtube, etc. All the icons listed are free to use, but make sure to check out the licensing terms before using it on any commercial project.

All the icon sets are free, however some websites may require you to sign up or tweet about their site, which is totally okay considering how much work they have put it in.

I hope you found this post useful and I encourage you to subscribe to our RSS Feeds to get notified about the latest blog posts.

3D Icons


Download the Icon set

Petro Icons


Download the Icon set

Splash Icons


Download the Icon set

Elegant Icons


Download the Icon set

Bookmarking Icons


Download the Icon set

Dark Icons


Download the Icon set

Large Icons


Download the Icon set

Pinkstrip Icons


Download the Icon set

Wooden Badges Icons


Download the Icon set

Old Bottle Crown Icons


Download the Icon set

Handy Icons


Download the Icon set

Sketchy Icons


Download the Icon set

Minimalist Icons


Download the Icon set

Vintage Icons


Download the Icon set

Football Icons


Download the Icon set

Vintage Stamp Icons


Download the Icon set

Simple Icons


Download the Icon set

Little Sketchy Monster Icons


Download this Icon set

Grunge Peeling Sticker


Download this Icon set

Circular Icons


Download this Icon set

Bubblicon Icons


Download this Icon set

Do you like these Icon sets? Which is your favorite? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

How to Promote a New WordPress Product

If you are an entrepreneur in the tech industry, one of your main goals besides getting sales is to increase your site discovery, particularly to your most important pages such as the landing pages.

But doing so takes a lot of hard work, money and talent.

Promoting your WordPress product whether it is an app or a plugin, should be planned strategically (especially if you’re still building your brand from scratch).

In this post, I’d like to share a few points that will make your product promotion effective and targeted to audience.

Let’s get started.

Make your data gathering easy


Qeryz is my new founded micro survey plugin that could make your data gathering easy and better than the usual survey form, which will only take minutes to install and configure to your WordPress site.

The plugin when installed can help you put your survey in any webpages of your website.

This allows you to do important online marketing activities, such as:

  • Prioritize groups of people that comprise major portions of your blog’s readership. Given that Qeryz allows you to ask questions about the basic details of your readers, you can easily determine the demographic details of your avid visitors.
  • Get easy responses straight from your visitors and customers regarding your products’ features, problems they may be encountering when using your product, their interests and additional feedbacks that will help improve your tool, product or app.
  • Helps you identify low to medium budget spenders, and those potential customers who’re willing to pay your product in an enterprise-level price ($500/month and above).
  • Gives you insights on which part of your landing page needs to be edited or changed according to the needs and interest of your audience.
  • Link to your most important page (landing page) from the 3rd question of the micro survey tool.

There are many features of Qeryz that you can use to speed up your data gathering process as well as identifying which topic can resonate your target customers or visitors.

Link acquisition to important pages                      

Your landing page is not only the important page on your website, since you still have category pages and blog posts that will all help your website to earn more visibility on the web.

You need first to identify the unique propositions of your pages to think of ways on how you can promote them.

For instance, you created a Beginner’s Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization. You already know your target linkers and evangelists from the start – all are beginners, startups or small business owners.

The unique proposition of your guide is that it helps your community to learn a very specific topic in the easiest teaching method that you can do.

That would be the starting point of your content promotion campaign (reaching out to people who still have zero knowledge about your topic , not necessarily your product).

A few tips to start your content promotion plan, particularly aiming for high quality backlinks for your domain.

  • Target low hanging fruits in your space like those links acquired by your competitors. It could be from resource pages, guest blogs and forums that are already ranking in search results for keywords that you’re targeting (this is an easy way to get sales).
  • Find resource or links pages that list down WordPress products in your niche or industry-specific tools. You can use the broken link building approach to get more responses from the content managers of those pages.
  • Track mentions of your competitors’ keywords and similar products as well as keywords that other brands are mentioning in their posts or articles. You can use CognitiveSEO to get these things done.
  • Invest in building relationships with a few bloggers and influencers in your space. Find them using Buzzsumo and track down those who’re actively participating in your niche communities (forums, Facebook groups, blogs, etc..) to ensure that they will reply to you once you start reaching out to them.


If you’re looking for more ways to get backlinks this year, then you may want to check out this post about profitable backlink sources.

Strategic email marketing

One of the easiest ways to promote your product is by sending newsletters to your email list.

Money is the list.

So you should start capturing emails from your new and repeating site visitors at the very start of your product launch campaign.

Here are some tips to increase your email subscribers.

  • Insert email capturing forms/boxes to the most visible parts of your website (sidebar, topbar, header, footer, about us page, resources pages, etc..). You can use ManyContacts or SumoMe for this activity.
  • Create a simple ad in your sidebar and fix it using Q2W3 plugin. Link to your email capturing page from that ad/image to get more visibility for that page.
  • Add a byline script on your website(most effective for websites that use their blog archives as their homepage).
  • Include a default check button in your comment platform to capture more emails from people who commented on your blog posts. You can use this plugin to insert that comment feature on your site.
  • Create a landing page using GetResponse targeted to your potential subscribers (you can add case studies and testimonials to add more credibility to your newsletter).

comment form

Once you start maximizing all tools and places where you can get subscribers through optin forms or simply linking to your email optin landing pages, you can now start sending newsletters to your subscribers.

Here are some tips to effectively use email for your product promotion strategy:

  • Send free exclusive content to your subscribers before promoting your latest updates/features of your product (unless they know and care about your tool, they won’t bother to open your self-promotional newsletter).
  • Personally ask your subscribers about their interests and feedbacks about your website and your product (if in case, they subscribe to get email product alerts). This will allow you to identify which types of newsletters you should consistently send to increase your open and click through rates.

Always add value to your email marketing plan, this is the most basic but very important tip that I can share to you.


You don’t need a big budget to get the word out of your WordPress product. You just have to be creative with your available resources and you will get the results that you expect from the start (sales, # of subscribers, # of monthly site visitors, etc..)

5 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress

Human being is a social animal. We love to interact with others.

Now, think about your business. Is it social too?

The answer is a big YES. How come? Well, business occurs between people. We have been doing some sort of business since time immemorial. However, in this era of digitalization, our ways of creating connections for business have changed.

We now rely on social media. It has now become an integral tool for doing good business.

Look what successful businesses are doing? They are using social media as a strategic tool to market their products and services. If you own a website, you must market it effectively. And today, social media is the best option for you to make your presence felt in the global market.

In today’s blog post, I will tell you about some of the most user-friendly WordPress plugins that augment your presence on social media, thus giving your website traffic a much needed boost.


Flare plugin

This is one of the most user-friendly social sharing plugins available for WordPress websites. It literally works for any Content Management Systems (CMS) available. It’s really easy yet comprehensive to use that helps you to share your content on different social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Reddit, etc.

The Flare plugin uses jQuery framework and JavaScript processing, but it also works well with other libraries. By using Flare, you can also configure social sharing buttons. With this plugin, you can also customize the icons on your website.



Shareaholic is yet another useful social sharing plugin that you can use to get your content viral amongst the potential readers. You can also use this plugin to submit your articles and blogs. One of the best advantages of this plugin is that it supports other plugins such as WordPress SEO by Yoast. It also supports smartphones and other mobile devices.

If you want to keep track of your content via social analytics, such as Most Popular Post, where the post has been shared, the number of visits for a particular post, etc, Shareaholic is the perfect plugin for you that ensures fast speed with CDN installed on Amazon. With this plugin you can also share images on your blog and website.

Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons


The Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons (RRSSB) is a super flexible plugin that works fittingly for any social media website that exists on the planet. With this plugin, you can tweak and customize the social sharing buttons on your website.

The RRSSB is built on SASS, thus helping you to tweak and customize your icons to fit the requirements of your webpage. This plugins works under the umbrella of Github project. This plugin also provides you with an Admin Menu, through which you can tweak your social buttons as per your need. You can also place these icons with shortcodes anywhere on your web pages.

Digg Digg

Floating Social Bar

Well, Buffer has come out with one-of-its-kind plugin that helps you share your content on social media sites. The DiggDigg all in one social sharing plugin contains all the social buttons that you can use on your blogs and website.

With DiggDigg, you can add a floating bar to your blog thus making it more attractive to your visitors. One of the best advantages of this plugin is that it supports multiple languages. You can also generate thumbnails by using this plugin. You can add social sharing buttons from Facebook, Linkedin, Google+Pinterest, etc.


Post plugin

Do you want to generate money from your blog? Po.st is the first and the only social sharing plugin that provides you the opportunity to make money from your blog. It also helps you to share your content on famous social media sites including, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.

With this Po.st plugin, you can also keep track of the social analytics such as the most popular post, number of posts published, number of posts shared, number of click-backs received from the posts, etc. And you know what, most of the Fortune 500 firms use po.st plugin for their digital campaigns. With this plugin, you can choose any type of buttons you like.

Final Thoughts

This brings us to the end of this blog post. I have included five of the most commonly used social sharing plugins for your WordPress sites. There are many other plugins available, so if you know more about such plugins, feel free to share in the comments section below.

This blog is written to educate people about the usage of social sharing plugins that can be used on WordPress sites. This post does not provide any ranking of the plugins mentioned.

11 of the Best WordPress Themes for Conference and Event 2015

Conferences are becoming more and more popular as many people are switching their careers to become a professional event organizer. It definitely increases the demand for building a custom website that is professional and great looking. But not every wants to spend thousands of dollars on custom website just to get the event functionality.

This is where premium WordPress themes comes in, you can build your own event website under $100 without hiring a designer or developer. All the premium themes listed below are ideal for conferences, concerts, sports events, and other type of events.



Tyler 2014-05-30 10-17-30

Tyler is a modern, sleek, and premium WordPress theme ideal for conferences, events, business meetings, etc. The theme is specifically crafted for event managers, and the author of this theme also happens to run a popular event managing blog, so you will get a ton of useful stuff for your newly created website. Tyler comes with 15 preset color combinations.

It also comes with a responsive design, that means your site will work on any device including iPad and iPhone. Some of the key features are advanced performers management, Translations, maps & POIs, easy media display, front-end registration, and more.

Price: $79

View Demo Download


eventure 2014-05-30 10-36-29

Eventure is a another great  WordPress theme built specifically for events. This theme comes with all the fancy and useful features, you will need to start your own even website. It utilizes a custom calender system designed specifically for this theme. With traditional calendars, there’s a lot of wasted space showing dates that don’t have any activity. With Eventure, only the dates with actual events will show up, maximizing space and ease of use.

Other features include: Schema Events markup via Rich snippets, Front-end submission form, responsive design, translation ready, 15 custom page combinations, unique calender layout, custom background support, complete documentation, free support, and more.

Price: $48

View Demo Download


Event & Conference WordPress Theme FooCamp - AitThemes.com 2014-05-30 10-24-00

FooCamp is a sleek, modern, and one of the oldest WordPress themes designed specifically for anybody who’s organizing a conference or camp. This theme has built in features that allow you to easily configure conference program schedule in different rooms and locations, speakers details, FAQ section, and nice countdown.

FooCamp lets you customize all the aspects of your site including look & feel of the site, colors, fonts, backgrounds, and more. You can make all the modifications via web interface without touching a single line of code. Additional features include: different portfolio layouts, custom post types, custom widgets, shortcodes, SEO optimized, WPML translation ready, premium slider, and more.

Price: $58

More Info / Demo Download



Fudge is another event management theme for creating a conference website. The theme display all the information about your event in one single page. Features include: powerful countdown, pull RSVP from Facebook, twitter wall, easily schedule events, translation for 7 different languages, event ended, front-end registration, and more.

Price: $79

View Demo Download

Expo 18

Expo conference

Expo 18 is a modern, clean, and responsive theme for Conference, Event, Training, Exhibition, Workshops, and Open Lesson sites. The theme is one of the most popular items on ThemeForest, but their quality support is a bit slow. So if I were you, I would check their support form first.

You can easily add Key Speaker Profiles, Testimonials, Registration Forms, logos, and Icons. Features include supports WPML, full localization support, rich theme options, shortcodes generator, responsive layout, custom google fonts, SEO friendly, page templates, fully customizable homepage content, and more.

Price: $48

View Demo Download



Januas is another theme by the same company who created Fudge and Tyler, but this one is a little expensive. As you can see from the demo, the theme has more features compared to Fudge and Tyler. It comes with social media integration and custom performer and session management.

The theme has a responsive design, meaning it will work on all the devices including iPad and iPhone. Features include advanced schedule option, custom single event page, 6 color palettes, social media integeration, easy media display, and premium support.

Price: $99

View Demo Download



The new Conference theme lets you add an unlimited number of events. Each event can have its own program, presentation, speakers, sponsors, etc.! Simply archive old events and have displayed a new conference on your front-page.

Price: $48

View Demo Download

Event Manager

Event Name 2014-05-30 11-50-10

Another great Event theme by EventManagerBlog Shop, they have some great event related themes.  Event Manager Theme is the top choice for Event Professionals looking for a clean and easy to use WP theme. It allows to customize all the major aspects of your site via web interface.

Price: $79

View Demo Download

Event by Themify


Event is a theme that is bold, fluid, and responsive. Designed with keep event websites and entertainment industry, in mind. It comes with three custom post types – Event, Gallery, and Video posts. It also lets you create complex page layouts with parallax scrolling and animation effects.

Other features include social media icons, responsive design, themify builder, gallery, detailed documentation, and premium support.

Price: $49

View Demo Download


Eventor - WordPress theme for your Events 2014-05-30 12-17-07

Eventor is a responsive WordPress theme that comes integrated with Tickera Ticketing system and translation ready. Additional features include Revolution Slider, Shortcodes, sidebar manager, custom widgets, and detailed PSD files included.

Price: $43

View Demo Download


Rocketick - Just another Tickera theme 2014-05-30 12-16-37

This is a one page responsive WordPress theme that lets you create an elegant landing page in 10 minutes. Rocketick is created by the same guys who created Tickera Ticket Plugin. You can include countdown time for your event, program schedule, speakers, and sponsors with ease.

Features include contact form, detailed documentation, localization support, google maps integeration, social profiles, and custom theme administration.

Price: $28

View Demo Download

6 Awesome Sites for Downloading Free Icon Sets

As a web designer, you will always need high quality icon sets. While there is not shortage of icon sets on the web, but it can be a time consuming task.

Here are six awesome sites that you can use to download top-notch free icons.

1. IconFinder


IconFinder is one of the most popular and best  icon search engines. I have been using it for a long time, mostly for icons to create my own featured images for the blog posts. What I like about the IconFinder most is that it allows you to download individual icons in a set that you need. You should be aware that it also displays premium icons, but you can use the site’s free filter to limit your search results.

Visit IconFinder

2. Flaticon


Flaticon is an excellent resource for vector icons. This site is perfect for finding high quality vector icons and fonts. What makes Flaticon noteworthy is that it comes with a free Photoshop plugin, which will help you find and use icons without needing to leave the application.

This site currently has 52k free icons in their database.

Visit flaticon

3. Iconmonstr


While the Iconfinder has icon sets in different formats including SVG (Vector), PNG, ICO, and ICNS. But iconmonstr  only supports PNG or SVG format. This site currently has hundreds of free fonts and icons organized in groups like Business, Commerce, and Equipment.

Visit iconmonstr

4. NounProject


The Noun Project was founded by the husband and wife team of Edward Boatman and Sofya Polyakov, launched in 2010 with a handful number of icon sets and has since become one of the best sites for download quality icons. It has also featured on many high authority sites including Forbes, Mashable, and 99u.

Visit NounProject

5. Iconmelon


This site has plenty of well designed icons in SVG format, which makes it a great resource for bookmark. Iconmelon is created by Legomushroom.

Visit Iconmelon

6. Fontello

Fontello icon sets

Fontello is another great resource for web / UI designers looking for awesome fonts. This site not only displays well designed icons, but also lets you download popular icon fonts such as Fontelico, Font Awesome, Entypo, Typicons, Iconic, and more.

Visit Fontello